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Additional Benefits

WellCare is proud to go beyond the basics. Below is a list of extras we provide our members and their families. And they are all at no extra costs!

Note: Some benefits have eligibility requirements and limits.

Virtual Communities

  • Provides an online forum for members and providers to discuss local events, health topics, community resources, and other subjects

Expanded Hearing

  • Hearing aid


  • Rides to doctor for Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice members
  • Rides to classes/events for Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice members


  • Electric breast pump
  • Stroller, playpen, car seat or diapers
  • Doula program
  • Baby showers
  • New Moms Caregiver Exam

Youth Programs

  • Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts annual membership for members ages 5 through 18
  • 4H Club activities, for members ages 5-18
  • Sports physicals for members ages 6 through 18
  • Healthy Kids Club for members ages 4 through 11


  • Healthy Rewards program: $75 yearly value in rewards
  • Weight Watchers: 24-week program voucher
  • Curves: 12-week membership voucher
  • Health and wellness coach

Discount Programs

  • 20% CVS discount card
  • Up to $40 monthly savings on household items


  • $120 GED voucher
  • $300 reading scholarship for qualified members
  • 12 free tutoring sessions


  • $129 yearly value for over-the-counter drugs per household (no prescription required)
  • Free cell phone — 1,000 monthly minutes, free texts, and 1GB of data

More no cost benefits:


  • Unlimited visits for members who meet medical necessity prior authorization required (member must be at least 21 years of age)

Asthma Management

  • Carpet cleaning (based on diagnosis, two carpet cleanings per calendar year.)
  • HEPA filter vacuum cleaner (qualified members)
  • Hypoallergenic bedding (qualified members get a $100 allowance for a hypoallergenic mattress and pillow casings)
  • Peak flow meter (qualified members)

Caregiver Support

  • Influenza (flu) voucher
  • Pertussis Vaccine (whooping cough) voucher
  • Respite (Relief Camps)
  • Individual therapy sessions for caregivers

Routine Chiropractic Services

  • Unlimited visits for members ages 21 and over, prior authorization required


  • For male babies up to 6 months old

Community Paramedicine

  • Paramedics and EMT assistance, must be approved

Diabetic Support

  • Diabetes camp for qualified members at authorized camps
  • Diabetic foot care for qualified members (includes nail clipping, corns and calluses)
  • Telecare Diabetic Management System, must be approved

Home Delivered Meals

  • 10 free meals for qualified members, must be approved


  • Free, confidential online behavioral therapy program

Parent Support and Training

  • A service for the parents or guardians of child members who are experiencing a serious emotional disturbance (SED)

Alternative Therapy

  • Art Therapy - 10 free art therapy sessions per year for ABD members ages 3 and older, based on medical necessity
  • Equine Therapy - 10 free horse-riding sessions per year for eligible members age 6 and over

Tobacco Cessation

  • Provides support to quit smoking, including a health coach and nicotine replacement lozenges, patches or gum
  • Utilize the state's Quit Line Program