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Provider Information

WellCare of North Carolina provides behavioral health benefits to members enrolled in our Medicaid plan. We are committed to quality service and partnership with providers to ensure members get the most of their benefits.


Some behavioral health services may require prior authorization, including services provided by non-participating providers. Obtaining appropriate authorization is essential to providing needed care.

WellCare of North Carolina uses the following:

  • North Carolina Behavioral Health Clinical Coverage Policies
  • WellCare of North Carolina Clinical Coverage Guidelines
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine, Inc. (ASAM): Assesses level of care determinations for substance-related disorders.
  • InterQual

Trauma Treatment Services for Children and Families

Contact Us

Providers interested in contracting with WellCare of North Carolina:
Fax: 1-855-599-3814
Phone: 1-813-865-6503

For any Provider related issues:
Phone: 1-984-867-8637
Fax: 1-813-283-3045

Members who are dealing with stress or anxiety can call our 24-Hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line at 1-833-207-4240 to speak with a trained professional.