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Child Welfare

As a Fortune 50 company with over 30 years of experience in the Medicaid industry, Centene is the largest provider of managed care services to youth in foster care and child welfare. We offer the right services, at the right time and the right place – so you can focus on caring for our young people.

Centene Corporation and The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) would like to welcome you to our partnership to bring online training to caregivers nationwide via the NFPA Training Institute. Combining our child welfare expertise will allow us to disseminate training to caregivers more broadly, which will further support and empower them in providing the best possible care to our children and youth. Centene and the NFPA have committed to collaborating to create new curriculums and trainings that will give caregivers quick and easy access to education that addresses targeted issues they commonly encounter.

The Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh) is a national and international coalition of parents, caregivers and professionals working to give all communities the support they need to make healing children more hopeful and more effective. We know what you’re going through. We want to give you better ways to help. We offer free bimonthly peer support from experienced foster and/or adoptive parents with ATTACh. Families can self-refer at 612-861-4222 or email